Landlords cannot escape their personal responsibility by having tenants sign agreements that are not feasible. The Supreme Court judge ruled that such agreements are irrelevant if what happens in practice deviates from the “conditions” and there is not a sufficient likelihood that they will be met. If tenants wish to leave their tenancy, they must notify Waverley Housing in writing for at least 4 weeks. Our customer service team will confirm the actual end date of the lease as we need it to link it to the rental periods. They will also provide information about the steps that must take place before tenants leave the property, such as inspection, meter reading and key handover, etc. Contact our customer service team on 01450 364200. Proof of residence – by indicating your name and address Waverley (e.B. , a utility bill, bank statement, lease, municipal tax or mortgage bill in progress). Tenants will find the answers to their questions in their lease and tenant`s manual, which is published at the beginning of their tenancy. If you receive a housing allowance, the board will pay your rent directly to Waverley Housing. However, if your performance has not been paid for any reason, your rental account will indicate that you are in default. An application for a housing allowance is the responsibility of the tenants and it is important to ensure that tenants provide the board with all the information necessary to process an application. For more information, see our Section Make a payment.

There is a crucial difference between these two types of landlords and tenants. In the first case, a person is responsible for renting a particular room.