What is the difference between all these agreements and what is best for a SaaS product? 6.3. The licensee assures that he or she understands and accepts that the licensee and his or her partners are not held liable for indirect, direct, consecutive, punitive or punitive damages, including damage caused by loss of earnings, reputation, ability to use data or any other moral harm resulting from: (i) inappropriate use or inability to use the software; (ii) the costs of purchasing goods and services, data, information and information received or transactions made through the use or software; (iii) access of unauthorized persons to the transfer or transmission of licensed data; (iv) use or access to the internet. 14.1. General guarantees. Each party ensures and guarantees that it has the legal authority and the power to conclude this agreement. If you are a business, make sure and guarantee that this agreement and any order will be made by an employee or agent of that entity with the necessary authority to marry that entity under this Agreement. 4.7. The licensee undertakes to comply with this and other requirements specified in the User Manual or other software documents that are not contrary to this Agreement. 3.7.

System requirements. You are solely responsible for the compliance of your systems with hardware, software and all other system requirements applicable to the software, as stated in the documentation. Atlassian will not assume any obligation or responsibility for any problems caused by their use of third-party hardware or software not provided by Atlassian. 2.3.7. Make the software available to the public (so that everyone can access the software from anywhere at any time at any time to the person`s choice). If your SaaS application has a low probability of service interruption, your ALS performance clauses will not be triggered and potential ALS commitments are extremely low for the provider. 2.3. The licensee gives the licensee the right to download the licensee`s updates within 12 months of the licensee`s closing date at no additional cost and to use the technical assistance services associated with the software provided by the licensee. The license does not apply to the right to receive new versions, updates or technical services at the end of the 12-month period that begins on the day of closing.

However, if, at the end of the time limit indicated in the previous sentence, the licensee receives recent versions and separate updates from the licensor, the use of these versions and updates are subject to this Agreement. 8. Software without charge. We can offer you some free software (including some Atlassian applications), including free accounts, trial versions and beta versions as defined below (all “no charge”).