In the normal register, such a means “as it is, without modification.” As an indeterminate adjective, Tel indicates unnamed people or things. In this sense, this is more or less equivalent to any: Such a person can do it. Anyone can do it. This or that teacher will tell you the same chosen. All the teachers will tell you the same thing. There is such a restaurant where you can eat. There is a restaurant where you can eat at midnight. Ask him where it was like this time. Ask him where he was at such a time. If one uses as a qualifying adjective, such expresses one of the two things:1. Likeness She cried like a child.

She was crying like a child. Tel. father, Tel. Like a father, a son. I have never seen such. I have never seen anything like it.2. Intensity Is it really of such importance? Is it that important? There was such a noise that I was scared. There was so much noise that I was scared. Such patience was necessary. Such [endless] patience was needed. This is almost always unique when used as indefinite pronoun and means one, someone, etc. However, this is not often used as a pronoun; Other unspecified pronouns, such as some or some, are more often used in its place: Such these books are worth a lot.

One of these books is worth a lot. That will be agreed, another will not. Someone will agree, someone else is not. This or that will tell you that it is a bad idea. Either will tell you that this is a bad idea. It is indeed “such.” More explanations in this detailed article on the agreement with such: Very informal as is still reduced to such as: On the other hand, if you had used “such” the place of “such” you would have written “traditional writings such dimensional analysis”. The rule is actually very simple: “such as” agrees with the name placed before it; “such” agrees with the word placed afterwards. Terms of use: the French expression as it is consists of two adjectives, as such and what, which means that it has four forms according to sex and the number of names modified: the French word such can be a qualifying adjective, an indeterminate adjective or an indeterminate pronom, and it is also used in a series of expressions and conjunctions, which makes it an extremely useful word. The phone has four shapes because it is compatible in sex and number with the Nostun that replaces it – see the table below.

This has different meanings depending on how it is used. if you want more examples, you can read this article: Tel refers here to “tools” it must be agreed in gender and number with this.