(d) all loan documents must be satisfactory to the SBA and contain a multi-party agreement between SBA, lender, lender, free trade agreement and other parties who consider the SBA to be necessary; (e) the lender must use the proceeds of the loan secured by the loans 7 (a) only for the financing of 7 a-loans as well as for the costs and expenses directly related to the loan for which the loans are mortgaged; (b) the lender must be well proportioned to the meaning of article 120.420 (f) of the SBA, within the meaning of Article 120.420 (f) and to its sole discretion; (g) the lender must deposit the initial notes with the bargaining body; and (f) the lender must remain the provider of the loans and remain in possession of all loan documents containing the other original debt securities; c) the lender has a satisfactory SBA performance, as defined by the SBA at its sole discretion. The lender`s risk rating is taken into account, among other things, in determining a satisfactory SBA performance. Other factors may include control/survey assessments, historical performance indicators (such as failure rate, purchase rate and loss rate), credit volume to the extent that it affects performance indicators, and other performance measures and information (. B, for example, contribution to the SBA mission). (h) the lender must retain an economic interest and the risk of final loss for the unsecured portion of the loans. (a) Except in the provisions of SB.120.435, the SBA must give its written consent prior to all commitments of a part of a loan that sBA may retain at its sole discretion;