Restructuring Support Agreement Prepa: What You Need to Know

The Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA) is currently undergoing a major restructuring process. As part of this process, a restructuring support agreement (RSA) has been proposed to help PREPA emerge from bankruptcy and return to financial stability.

If you`re unfamiliar with RSAs, don`t worry. We`ll break down what they are and what they mean for PREPA and its stakeholders.

What is a Restructuring Support Agreement?

An RSA is a contractual agreement between a debtor (in this case, PREPA) and its creditors. It is designed to provide a path forward for the debtor to resolve its financial difficulties and emerge from bankruptcy.

In an RSA, creditors agree to certain concessions, such as reduced debt obligations or longer payment schedules, in exchange for the debtor meeting certain conditions, such as implementing cost-saving measures or hitting certain financial targets.

What Does the PREPA RSA Contain?

The PREPA RSA has several key components. It includes a debt restructuring plan that will reduce the authority`s debt load from $9 billion to around $3 billion. It also establishes a rate-setting process that will allow for more predictable and stable electricity rates for consumers.

Additionally, the RSA requires PREPA to implement significant cost-saving measures, such as reducing payroll expenses and implementing energy efficiency measures. The agreement also sets up a framework for PREPA to transition to a more modern and resilient power grid.

What Does the RSA Mean for PREPA Stakeholders?

For PREPA bondholders, the RSA represents a path toward recouping some of their investments. It also provides a more stable financial outlook for PREPA, which could lead to improved credit ratings and reduced borrowing costs in the future.

For PREPA employees and customers, the RSA could mean some difficult changes in the short term, such as job losses and higher electricity rates. However, the hope is that these sacrifices will lead to a stronger and more sustainable energy infrastructure in the long run.


The PREPA RSA is a complex agreement that will have wide-ranging implications for all stakeholders involved. While it represents a path forward for the struggling utility, it will also require sacrifices from bondholders, employees, and customers alike. Ultimately, the hope is that the RSA will help PREPA emerge from bankruptcy and become a more resilient and sustainable energy provider for Puerto Rico.