If you do not indicate that you are signing on behalf of the principal, the agreement may be cancelled and even lead to civil or criminal proceedings. C. Advertising and court proceedings. Manager is committed to promoting tenants, screen tenants and selected tenants with appropriate creditworthiness. The administrator sets rents which, according to the trustee, reflect, at the time of the tenancy negotiations with the tenant, the market conditions of the time and the approximate rents of comparable leased property, unless the landlord has expressly ordered the landlord in writing to make proportional, from time to time, the amount of the initial rent and possible subsequent increases. Manager agrees to rent and rent the property; Sign, renew and terminate leases and leases for or part of the property; for the embezzlement and recovery of rent and the loss or deterioration of part of the property and/or its establishment; and, if necessary, to compromise, to accosted and to release such trials or actions. Duration of agreement. This contract applies from the date – and expires on the date – At the expiry of the period covered by this term, this contract is extended and extended automatically for a similar period, unless it is terminated in writing by one of the parties by communicating it in a timely manner – days before the renewal date. This agreement can also be denounced at any time, by mutual agreement between the parties.

After the termination of the owner paid the managers all fees, commissions and expenses under this agreement, the managers to pay. If the premises are not rented within 90 days of the conclusion of this contract or a vacancy of more than 90 days, the owner reserves the right to cancel this contract. THIS DURABLE POWER OF ATTORNEY for financial management is given by me, William Timothy Smith (the “Principal”), currently donated by 48 Oak Drive, North Greenbush, New York, this June 1, 2018. 8. Subject to prior agreement from the Company`s head office, to sign any deed or deed or other document that must be executed by or in favour of the company, including a deed of assignment or mortgage deed, a mortgage or mortgage, a lease, a vacation and licensing agreement or any other document that must be executed by the Company. In Southern California cities, MGR`s property management business is your first choice for affordable and affordable HOA/POA management services. Whether your organization is responsible for a single neighbourhood or a large portion of the homes, you`ll find everything you need to preserve internal integrity and meet the needs of your community.