India and Spain have recently signed an agreement on social security that is set to benefit the citizens of both countries. The agreement aims to help workers who move between the two countries by ensuring that they do not lose their social security benefits.

Under the agreement, Indian workers who have worked in Spain and Spanish workers who have worked in India will be able to keep their social security benefits. This will apply to those who have worked in either country for a minimum of five years.

The agreement will also help avoid double social security contributions. This means that if a citizen of one country is paying social security contributions in both countries, they will only need to pay in one country.

The social security agreement between India and Spain is an important step towards strengthening the relationship between the two countries. It will also help facilitate the movement of workers between the two countries, which could potentially lead to more business opportunities for companies in both India and Spain.

For workers who are planning to move between India and Spain, the social security agreement means that they will have peace of mind knowing that their social security benefits will be protected. They will also be able to plan their finances better, as they will not have to worry about losing their benefits when they move.

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