The U.S. Treaty and Accords Library contains bilateral and multilateral treaties to which the United States is a party. More information about U.S. contracts can be found on our U.S. Contracts Library support page. (Please note that the U.S. Treatys and Agreements library was formerly known as the “Contracts and Agreements” library. Article 2, Section 1, Point a), of the Vienna Convention on Treaty Law, The treaty, widely recognized as an instrument of the treaty by the Commission on International Law since its adoption by the Commission on International Law in 1969, defines a treaty as such: thanks to the career work of Igor I. Kavass, a respected librarian of international law, HeinOnline`s treaty collection is expanded by a substantial indexation that allows the search for contracts that are not available in any other online database.

In addition to the full text search, researchers can now search for countries, parties, contract descriptions, the Contract Number of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, last in existing contracts (TIF), signature/intervention data, TIF and/or Kavass subjects, as well as related or modified contracts and agreements. Users can also narrow down their search to contracts that are currently in effect or are not currently in effect, or limit their search to certain date ranges. Treaties and other international agreements (USTs) Until 1950, American treaties were published regularly in the Statutes at Large. Since 1950, treaties and executive agreements have been published in a time series entitled Treaties and Other International Agreements (UST). The UST contains the text of each treaty in the languages of the signatories. Although several volumes are generally published each year, the UST is currently well below schedule for the publication of the most current U.S. stocks. HeinOnline contains all published volumes of the UST series. Miller Treaties and Other International Acts of the States of America, concocted by Hunter Miller, is an eight-volume set containing the full text of the treaties from 1776 to 1863, ordered in chronological order according to the date of the signing.

Additional notes and quotes from Miller increase the value of this sentence to the contract researcher. We recently received a comment that HeinOnline`s contractual resources need to be clarified, as there is more than one library in which contract research can be conducted. Contracts and other international laws (TIAS) Prior to publication in the UST, contracts and executive agreements are published in a series of continuous numbers called contracts and other international laws (TIAS). This series, which began in 1945, contains the text in the languages of the signatories and is considered to be the first relevant publication of these documents.